Dialog Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use and create dialogs.

Dialogs are Windows with pre-defined templates and actions.



To create a dialog use the provided service:

[info] See the official API documentation for available dialogs and their arguments.

// name: dialog name (alert, confirm, prompt, color, font, file, progress)
// args: an object with arguments for given dialog
core.make('osjs/dialog', name, args, (btn, value) => {
  // btn: which button was pressed (ex: ok, yes, no, cancel)
  // value: the value of the dialog

You can also provide custom window options:

const options = {parent: <parent>, attributes: {modal: true}};
core.make('osjs/dialog', name, args, options, cb);

Custom Dialog

The default Dialog Service provider allows you to add (or override) dialogs:

import {Dialog} from '@osjs/dialogs';

class MyDialog extends Dialog {
  constructor(core, args, callback) {
    super(core, Object.assign({
      foo: 'My custom argument default'
    }, args), callback)

  render(options) {
    super.render(options, ($content) => {
      const el = document.createTextNode(this.args.foo);


// Static
osjs.register(DialogServiceProvider, {
  args: {
    registry: {
      'my-dialog': MyDialog

// Runtime
osjs.make('osjs/dialogs').register('my-dialog', MyDialog);


You can also use the CustomDialog instance to make your own programmatically:

// Options
const options = {
  buttons: ['ok', 'cancel'],
  window: {
    title: 'My Dialog',
    dimension: {width: 400, height: 400}

// Get the value for button callback
const callbackValue = dialog => 'My value';

// Same as demonstrated in Usage
const callbackButton = (button, value) => {};

// The window.render() callback
const callbackRender = ($content, dialogWindow, dialog) => {};

  .create(options, callbackValue, callbackButton);

UI Customization

By default OS.js uses Hyperapp v1 for the dialog GUI, but you can use whatever you want in the render callback.

The buttons will be created for you based on the options you provided:

// Render method
$content => {
    // state
  }, {
    // actions
  }, (state, actions) => {
    // For programatic usage, replace 'this' with 'dialog'
    return this.createView([
      // your virtual dom here
  }, $content);

Available buttons are:

  • ok
  • cancel
  • close
  • yes
  • no

You can add your own by giving strings not found in the list above.

OS.js Web Desktop - © Anders Evenrud <andersevenrud@gmail.com>

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