Remote Debugging Guide

You can use software like weinre to get access to a web developer console on remote devices, which this guide will walk you through setting up:

Please note that this will not solve all your problems, but at least be able to inspect basic DOM and read the console.

Install weinre

# Install
npm -g install weinre

# Run
weinre --boundHost -all- --httpPort 8001

You can now access http://localhost:8001

Update your dist

In your src/client/index.ejs file:

    <script src=""></script>

Replace with the IP address of your OS.js server and 8001 with the port we specified above.


After you rebuild your dist you can run OS.js like normal and get some kind of response in your weinre interface at ex http://localhost:8001/client/#osjs.

OS.js Web Desktop - © Anders Evenrud <>

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