Standalone Mode Guide

You can run OS.js in standalone mode, which does not require the backend to work.

This has some limitations described below.

Edit your src/client/config.js file and add the following setting:

[info] Remember to rebuild with npm run build after you modify the configuration.

  standalone: true

With a webserver

In this mode, it will run just like normal except the default provided authentication, storage and filesystems.

You can drop the dist/ contents into any directory that is hosted by any web server.

Services and providers that does not interact with the OS.js backend will work as expected.

[info] If your method of transfer does not resolve symlinks in the dist/ directory (results in packages not loading), run npm run package:discover -- --copy to make a build without symlinks.

Without webserver

You can launch OS.js from file:// (i.e. just opening the html file in dist/) by modifying the client configuration.

Note that HTTP requests cannot be made in this mode, so any feature that requires a network or internet connection will be unavailable.

Since requests cannot be made you have to add the package manifest to your configuration.

Edit your src/client/config.js file and add the following setting:

// Import the compiled package metadata
import metadata from '../../dist/metadata.json';

export default {
  // Append this to your config
  packages: {

[info] You must run the npm run package:discover command before building and rebuild the client if you run any subsequent package discovery.

OS.js Web Desktop - © Anders Evenrud <>

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