This is a curated list of frequently asked questions.

Q: What is this ?

OS.js is a free and open-source cloud/web desktop platform.

It serves web applications in an interface familiar to most desktop users.

Q: How do I get support ?

Send an email to hello@os-js.org or check out the following links.

Q: How do I report a bug or feature requests ?

The best way is to create an issue on Github. Read this issue for more information.

You can also contact me via methods listed above, but an issue is preferred.

Q: How can I get started with development ?

Read this manual. It has chapters about installation, general overview, development, Tutorials, Guides and other articles.

This project uses the following technologies: HTML, CSS (using Sass/SCSS), JavaScript (ES6 and Node), Webpack and npm.

Most of the articles assume you at least have basic understanding of these.

If you still have questions, head into the chatroom.

Q: How do I contribute ?

See the following resources:

Q: How do I perform installation on windows ?

Currently there are no automated installers, so you either have to use git shell, or PowerShell.

Using windows explorer, enter the OS.js installation directory and press ALT+D, then type powershell and press ENTER.

Q: Can I make changes to your software ?

Yes. This project is open-source and licensed under BSD-2-clause which allows you to modify and distribute the software.

If you want to contribute changes back to the community, look at "How do I contribute" above.

Q: How do I add login ?

By default OS.js is set up to automatically log in with a "demo" user and a dummy authentication adapter.

The adapter is what authenticates a user and you can customize it. An example is the database adapter.

Q: Can I add feature X or application Y ?

Since OS.js runs on JavaScript within a browser environment and Node on the backend, these are your limitations.

Anything that can use these technologies can technically run on this platform.

Q: How do I add an existing web application ?

The easiest way to add an existing web application is to to create a new application and simply use an iframe.

This way you can leave your entire codebase intact and just load it as you would normally, but within a Window.

Apps hosted outside OS.js

An example on how to display an already running separate application:


This file is a modified version of what npm run make:application creates.

Hosted within OS.js

See the IFrames tutorial.

Q: Can I upgrade from v2 ?

No. OS.js v3 is not compatible with the v2 APIs.

If you developed your v2 applications using IFrames or custom frameworks, transitioning to v3 is possible.

Q: Is there a matrix channel ?

Gitter can now be used via Matrix officially:


OS.js Web Desktop - © Anders Evenrud <andersevenrud@gmail.com>

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