Service Provider Guide

Service Providers are the main way to provide features and extensions for OS.js.


npm install --save some-provider


Please note, on node you should use require instead of import/export.

[info] If you're adding client-side service provider, you need to rebuild your distro with npm run build.

import provider from 'some-provider';



You can pass on arguments to the constructor of the Service Provider.

This is the second argument in the constructor().

core.register(provider, {
  args: {
    foo: 'bar'

Load Order

By default any provider without any load order defined will be loaded at random (Promise.all()).

To set a specific order, you can either set dependencies or the before attribute:

core.register(provider, {
  // Makes sure these provider services has been loaded first
  depends: ['osjs/code'],

  // Load this provider before the user has logged in
  before: true
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