Migration Guide

3.0.0 - October 26th 2018

Run npm install @osjs/gui@^4.0.0 to get the latest GUI package release.

Optionally see this patch to help optimize production builds. The mini CSS extract plugin was splitting up files into chunks incorrectly (so this was disabled).

3.0.0 - October 25th 2018

The Application#request method is now the same as Core#request except that the first argument always resolves to an application URL.

See https://manual.os-js.org/api/osjs-client/class/src/application.js~Application.html#instance-method-request

3.0.0 - August 26th 2018

Please update your src/cli/index.js file:

// From
module.exports = [task];

// To
module.exports = {
  tasks: [task]

3.0.0 - July 24th 2018

Some breaking changes were made to how base and packages are built.

The gist here is that all OS.js packages are now pre-build with a self-contained Babel+Webpack setup and published on npm.

The "base" OS.js repository now also has its own self-contained Webpack setup instead of relying on @osjs/cli.

You should empty dist/ before building

Complete change list

  • webpack.config.js now in the root of OS.js repo
  • Old src/client/webpack.config.js is no longer supported
  • package.json has been updated with new scripts
  • @osjs/cli no longer handles building
  • npm run watch and npm run build in all repositories
  • Packages are now pre-built before publish
  • Packages are now entirely installed via npm (no more src/package)
  • All repos now build their own dist/ code
  • This also means that custom webpack building is no more

Migrate your applications

For a better idea of how to build your app, see the example repo:


The steps are as follows:

  • Set up files, devDependencies and dependencies and scripts in package.json.
  • Copy the .babelrc file (or babel in package.json).
  • Copy the webpack.config.js file and make any appropriate changes.
  • Make sure files in metadata.json matches the bundled output.
  • Run npm run build to see if it builds

If succeeded, you're done setting up your package. To set up for development, follow these steps:

// In your package
npm link

// In OS.js root directory
npm link <your-package-name>
npm package:discover

Congratulations. You've migrated your application :)

2.x > 3.0

There is no backward compatibility for v2 applications. All APIs have been rewritten and architecture has changed.

If you've made applications using third-party libraries, you can refactor to run on v3+.

OS.js Web Desktop - © Anders Evenrud <andersevenrud@gmail.com>

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