Migration Guide

3.0.0 - August 26th 2018

Please update your src/cli/index.js file:

// From
module.exports = [task];

// To
module.exports = {
  tasks: [task]

3.0.0 - July 24th 2018

Some breaking changes were made to how base and packages are built.

The gist here is that all OS.js packages are now pre-build with a self-contained Babel+Webpack setup and published on npm.

The "base" OS.js repository now also has its own self-contained Webpack setup instead of relying on @osjs/cli.

You should empty dist/ before building

Complete change list

  • webpack.config.js now in the root of OS.js repo
  • Old src/client/webpack.config.js is no longer supported
  • package.json has been updated with new scripts
  • @osjs/cli no longer handles building
  • npm run watch and npm run build in all repositories
  • Packages are now pre-built before publish
  • Packages are now entirely installed via npm (no more src/package)
  • All repos now build their own dist/ code
  • This also means that custom webpack building is no more

Migrate your applications

For a better idea of how to build your app, see the example repo:


The steps are as follows:

  • Set up files, devDependencies and dependencies and scripts in package.json.
  • Copy the .babelrc file.
  • Copy the webpack.config.js file and make any appropriate changes.
  • Make sure files in metadata.json matches the bundled output.
  • Run npm run build to see if it builds

If succeeded, you're done setting up your package. To set up for development, follow these steps:

// In your package
npm link

// In OS.js root directory
npm link <your-package-name>
npm package:discover

Congratulations. You've migrated your application :)

2.x > 3.0

There is no backward compatibility for v2 applications. All APIs have been rewritten and architecture has changed.

If you've made applications using third-party libraries, you can refactor to run on v3.

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