Standalone Mode Guide

You can run OS.js in standalone mode, whic does not require the backend to work.

This has some limitations described below.

Edit your src/client/config.js file and add the following setting:

[info] Remember to rebuild with npm run build after you modify the configuration.

  standalone: true

With a webserver

In this mode, it will run just like normal except the default provided authentication, storage and filesystems.

You can drop the dist/ contents into any directory that is hosted by any web server.

Services and providers that does not interact with the OS.js backend will work as expected.

Without webserver

You can launch OS.js from file:// (i.e. just opening the html file in dist/) by modifying the client configuration.

Note that HTTP requests cannot be made in this mode, so any feature that requires a network or internet connection will be unavailable.

Since requests cannot be made you have to add the package manifest to your configuration.

Edit your src/client/config.js file and add the following setting:

  packages: {
    metadata: require('../../dist/metadata.json')

[info] You must run the npm run package:discover command before building and rebuild the client if you run any subsequent package discovery.

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